Yellow Tea


Yellow tea is a famous tea from China.  This tea was most commonly saved for Emperors and royal families, so these tea were processed in small batches due to the Chinese reverence for the yellow color of the dry leaves and liquor.  Yellow tea is processed similarly to Green tea.  However, the leaves of the fixed tea are wrapped in cloth or paper in order for the leaves to mellow through slight oxidation as the chlorophyll breaks down.  Chinese Yellow tea is still rare today and should be seriously investigated before purchasing.  Yellow teas have a flavor profile somewhere in between White and Green.

Jun Shan Yin Zhen, or Silver Needle (but not the White tea Silver Needle!), is a Yellow tea from the Hunan Province and is one of the rarest Yellow teas.  It is a thick long bud tea with a bright yellowish green color for the dry leaves.

Mo Gan Huang Ya, or Mo Gan Yellow Buds, is another yellow tea with curly darkish green dry leaves that turn bright yellowy green when steeped.  This liquor has a greenish yellow color.

Meng Ding Huang Ya, or Yellow Bud, is another bud tea with  a light green color when dry.  This tea has a golden liquor and a sweet mild flavor.


Yellow Tea .8oz  $8.75   ADD TO CART
Origin: China, Huoshan, Anhui Province
Flavor: Sweet, Buttery, Refreshing

Huo Shan Huang Ya is a rare Yellow tea produced in Anhui province. Yellow Tea is relatively unknown to most in the West, and is a rare find in the East, having been the imperial tribute tea of the Ming Dynasty. This tea is made from slender buds and processed by traditional pan firing, wrapping, and drying. This process gives the leaves a fresh, floral and bright fragrance with subtle notes of chestnut. The liquor of this tea is yellowish green that feels thick in the mouth and offers a sweet, butter flavor that is unique and refreshing.

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