Western Brew Guide

Western Brewing is a method of leaf brewing that uses a small amount of leaf with a large amount of water and long steeping times.  The steeping times for teas are typically 2 minutes, but they can be adjusted based on personal preference.  The steep time is one of the most significant variables in Western style brewing.  This is because the leaves require a long steep in order to extract the most flavors and qualities out of the tea leaves and into the liquor.  This is very different from the Gong Fu’s method of large amount of leaf for strength.  Because the Western brew is meant to extract much of the leaf flavor in the first brew, and because the leaves are steeped for so long, this style of brewing only stands strong for 2 maybe 3 steeps at most.  However, most of the flavor is sacrificed to the first infusion.  In order to extract the best flavors and aromas from your tea leaves we recommend Gong Fu style brewing.  However, Western brewing can be good for 1 or 2 good infusions of a large cup of tea if you don’t have time for a Gong Fu session!

Here’s or Western Brew Guide:Western Brew Guide

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