Royal Honey Oolong

Our Royal Honey Oolong is a Taiwanese oolong that is honey sweet and uniquely crafted. As the tea leaves grow, green leafhoppers are allowed to bite the tea leaves which causes the leaves to begin their healing process. This healing process produces sweet honey like flavors in the finished tea with no astringency (bitterness). The…


Sampling Ripe Puerh in a test between Yixing Clay and Glass in order to identify the effects that Yixing Clay has on the flavor and viscosity of tea. This video features a sample tea from Yan Hou Tea. Visit Our Store: Follow us on Facebook:

Moonlight White Tea

Check out this special tea that was picked and dried by Moonlight¬†ūüĆô¬†ūüĆö¬†ūüĆ̬†ūüĆô¬†and is processed in between the processesing of white tea and puerh tea with flavors of bright sour peach, woody notes, and the fizzy astringency of a cooked puerh¬†ūüôā¬†follow the link above to watch the full video!¬†#tea¬†#teatime¬†#looseleaftea¬†#whitetea¬†#puerh

How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea

If you have trouble brewing loose leaf tea, this video is for you!! Here I offer the best loose leaf tea brewing utensils which I have stocked on to get you loose leaf tea brewing like a pro!     Follow us on: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:

What is Tea? The Basics and 6 Tea Types!

Welcome to Teas New Jersey! In this introduction into the world of tea I discuss what true tea is and go through the different tea types, what they are, their production, and what you should look for when purchasing tea. If you enjoy this introduction please Like, Subscribe, and make your way over to…

Puerh Tea

Puerh is a fermented tea.¬† There is a little confusion about what fermented tea actually is due to misunderstandings in tea producing nations and in the West.¬† Some tea places call all dark tea fermented tea simply because the leaves look as though they have gone through fermentation.¬† However, we know that¬†Black tea¬†leaves are not…