Raw Iceland Aged Tea .8oz

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Flavor: Woodsy, Smoky, Floral

Origin: China, Mengku Iceland Tea Garden, Shaungjiang County Yunnan Province

Cultivar: Mengku

Our 20 Year Aged Iceland Puerh is a fine aged raw puerh from Mengku Iceland Tea Garden in Shuangjiang County, Yunnan. Iceland tea is a famous and highly sought after Yunnan tea with a rich history recorded back during the Ming Dynasty (before 1485). It is grown in a small village 2,000 meters above sea level along the once-bustling and historical Ancient Tea-Horse Road. This tea was picked from large, wild trees (over 100 years old) and is composed of whole, unbroken twisted large leaves. It is said that the leaves of Mengku trees are dark green and soft, with an especially strong fragrance that is very unique. When the tea is initially steeped, it has a slightly woodsy aroma, then releases a smoky floral richness. This Aged Iceland puerh comes alive after the first infusion- it is incredibly smooth, with a slight camphor, incense like note. If stored properly, this tea will keep well and continue to age beautifully. We recommend using a gaiwan and enjoying multiple infusions.

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  1. Steve

    Very unique tea. The tea has almost a smoked wood smell and flavor. It is not overwhelming though, it is smooth. The leaves after infusing where almost the size of bay leafs! Amazing.

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