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Origin: China, Yunnan Province

Flavor: Peachy, Nectar Sweetness, Woodsy, Syrupy Mouthfeel

The Moonlight White tea is a special type of tea that can even be considered a Puerh tea. This tea receives classification in these two different tea types due to the mix of production methods used to craft the delicacy which this tea becomes. The picking for this tea is the bud and first two leaves of the old tea trees used to craft this tea. After picking the leaves are withered under the moonlight until they are dry, which is how this tea got its name. However, the moonlight withering is a process that is contradictory to puerh production because puerh is sun withered. The extended moonlight withering process allows the leaves to undergo greater oxidation of the enzymes before the leaves are fully dry, producing the contrasting night sky black and full moon white leaf and bud colors. The aroma of this tea is floral, woodsy and is thick with a flavor of sweet nectar and notes of peach with a woodsy finish.

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