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Our Mini Counter Gong Fu Bamboo Tea Tray! Dimensions: 8x5x2.5 Material: Bamboo This Mini Bamboo Tea Tray is the perfect size to sit on your counter next to your stove or kettle for your daily tea brewing needs! The traditional use of the tea tray is to catch the spillage of water while pouring from kettle to cup/gaiwan/teapot and also for the intentional pouring of the water used to heat up your tea ware. Bamboo tea trays are perfectly suited for this job due to the wood’s desire to stay moist. In addition to the Mini Bamboo Tea Tray being a great tool for cleanliness, this item of nature sits beautifully on all counters, enhancing the aesthetic enchantment of the kitchen and of the loose leaf tea brewing experience. Also the perfect size for self serving and the serving of one or two guests. Bamboo box is not water proof! Water will seep out through the box joints after long periods of time of sitting water. Box can be made waterproof with silicone along the joints.

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 2.5 in


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