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Our matcha set comes complete with small matcha bowl, handmade bamboo whisk, bamboo tea scoop, and porcelain whisk holder. These utensils used widely wherever matcha is prepared in the traditional manner, and they have been used for centuries! Be sure to add one of our matcha teas to your order so that you can start enjoying the flavors and benefits of preparing and drinking matcha green tea. The preparation of matcha went through great development in Japan centuries ago. These developments still hold in matcha preparation today. Tea masters of the past paired Zen Buddhism with the serving of matcha tea due to their focus on appreciation of nature and acceptance of temporality. When preparing matcha tea be wary of the world around you, tea from a tea tree, the water as it boils, the sound of the brew as you whisk. Appreciate the flavor, warmth, the bowl and whisk.

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