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Origin: Taiwan, Ali Shan Mountains

Flavor: Creamy, Vegetal, Sweet

Cultivar: Jin Xuan

This beautifully delicate and aromatic tea is what is known as a High Mountain Oolong. This oolong comes from the Jin Xuan cultivar of the tea plant and was grown in the Ali Mountains of Taiwan, 950-1000 meters in elevation. The misty peaks of these mountains are present in every cup of this tea, so much so that one sip transports you with a feeling of lightness and clarity. This tea is known for its bright clean aroma, similar to misty mountain air, and its clean creaminess. The Jin Xuan cultivar is also referred to as a “milk oolong” due to the creamy nature of the cultivar, but we believe our Jade Gold produces a well balanced tea with light milkiness and vegetal sweet flavor that linger in the mouth and coat the throat, creating a dynamic tea drinking experience that lasts many infusions.

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