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300ml The Gong Dao Bei, fairness cup, is an important instrument in the Gong Fu brew style and philosophy. The significance holds true brewing both for you yourself and for a group. You can pour directly from your brewing tea pot or gaiwan directly into the Gong Dao Bei with a strainer sitting on top. For personal use, this allows the liquor to mix before sipping and also allows it to cool off a bit before pouring the tea into your cup. For a group, the Gong Dao Bei ensures that each guest gets a cup of tea that has been steeped for as long as that of the other guests. Glass allows you and your guests to appreciate the distinct color and viscosity of the tea liquor while assessing the quality and complexity. Becoming familiar with the differences in color of different teas and infusions allows you to better understand your own tea preferences and opens a window for you to expand your tea insight. This Gong Dao Bei fits all Gong Fu style tea strainers and has smooth and clean pour for precise, mess free serving.

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