Gardenia Dreams 1oz


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Origin: China, Guangdong, Chaoshan

Flavor: Floral, Grassy, Mineral, Notes of Gardenia

Our delightful Chou Shi Dan Cong is from Chaoshan of China’s Guangdong province, a region famous for this tea. In Chaoshan, the tea is strong and fragrant. This Chou Shi Dan Cong is a special new style of fragrant, very green and very flavorful strip oolong. After the leaves are picked by hand and before any wilting, the tea is then rolled briefly by hand and then placed in a special dehydrator to stop the wilting process. You will appreciate the vibrancy of the large, twisted and incredibly aromatic bright green leaf. Once steeped the heady gardenia perfumed aroma gives way to a rich floral taste that is bright, undoubtedly green, grassy with slight mineral notes and notes of gardenia flowers.

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