Black Dragon Pearls 1oz Organic

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Origin: China, Yunnan Province

Flavor: Raisin Sweetness, Earthy, Cocoa

A high proportion of young buds are used along with the leaves to make this premium, expertly large pearl rolled tea from Yunnan. Black Dragon Pearls slowly unfurl in your cup to produce an infusion that has a naturally sweet flavor, similar to raisins with notes of earth and chocolate. Hints of cocoa whisper as the leaves unfurl, producing an aromatic and delicious brew to be savored. Allow plenty of room for the tea to expand and unfurl in order to release all the flavor of your Black Dragon Pearls!

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1 review for Black Dragon Pearls 1oz Organic

  1. Steve

    Very unique tea leaves. They are rolled into balls and unfurl as it steeps in the hot water. The tea is on the more rubust side with nice flavor. Not too sweet but fruity earthy tones. I seem to like the black teas.

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