Big Red Robe 1oz


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Origin: China, Fujian, Wu Yi Mountains

Flavor: Astringent Minerality, Floral Sweetness, Hydrating Mouthfeel

Da Hong Pao, Big Red Robe, is a historically famous tea that was declared the “King of teas” during the Qing Dynasty for its outlandish medicinal benefits enjoyed by the dynastic family. The importance of terroir in tea, or the environmental conditions influencing the tea plants, shines through with this unique tea. While sipping this rock oolong you can taste the rocky soil of the Wu Yi mountains in which the tea plant grew. The rocky minerality of the soil is present in the leaves and liquor and will pucker your mouth as it tightens the muscles and skin of tongue and cheeks. Breathing out while drinking this tea you will be able to enjoy the floral aroma of the leaves, and after finishing your cup your mouth will be watering with the lingering flavor and minerality of the tea.

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