Oolong tea is a semi-oxidized tea.  It is often considered to be somewhere in between Green and Black tea, with both light and dark notes.  Different types of Oolongs vary in the level of oxidation that they receive.  Traditional styled Oolongs tend to be more oxidized than modern style Oolongs.  The modern style of oxidizing Oolongs is focused on preserving the bright fresh lightness of the leaves.  The modern style preserves the greenness in the finished tea.  Though lighter Oolongs are meant to preserve a freshness in a similar way to Green tea, leaves meant for Oolongs are bruised before being fixed.  This bruising promotes oxidation and withering, that allows the leaves to oxidize slowly.  Oolong is also one of the favorite teas to roast.  Roasting Oolong promotes smoothness in the darker notes of the tea.  Oolongs typically have a butter sweet aroma nnfwywxrve6v5sbbanakq-e1515113740207.jpgwhen processed in the modern style, and a deeper, charcoal aroma in the tradition style and when roasted.  Oolongs are known for coming rolled, in the shape of a ball or in strips similar to Black tea.

Oolong teas are most famously produced in China and Taiwan.  The methods of production have mutually effected the production in both of these places.  One of the most noted diversions was between the modern and traditional styles.  However, the different methods are practiced in both places today.


Iron Goddess 1oz  $7.50  ADD TO CART
Origin: China, Fujian Province, Anxi
Flavor: Floral, Sweet, Sour

One of the most famous Chinese oolong teas is the Tie Guan Yin. This tea is famous for its distinctive flavor and light floral fragrance. Our Tie Guan Yin has a light golden-amber infusion with a smooth body and sweet finish. It is beautifully floral and fragrant. Besides the intoxicating flavor of course, Tie Guan Yin is also popular because of its numerous healing properties.


Lilac Oolong 1oz  $8.00  ADD TO CART
Origin: Taiwan, Ping Ling County
Flavor: Fresh Cream, Floral Lilac, Bright Vegetal Astringency

This Huang Shan Bao Zhong is made in small artisan batches of the highest grade in its category. Bao Zhong is processed with minimal handling in order to ensure the freshest taste possible. This minimalistic processing allows the leaves to keep their vibrant jade color. Once steeped, incredible freshness is the first taste that the tea drinker experiences as the cool liquid rolls into the mouth. This freshness is followed by a creamy, long sweet silky mouthwatering aftertaste.


Green Dan Cong 1oz $9.00  ADD TO CART
Origin: China, Guangdong, Chaoshan
Flavor: Floral, Grassy, Mineral, Notes of Gardenia

Our delightful Chou Shi Dan Cong is from Chaoshan of China’s Guangdong province, a region famous for this tea. In Chaoshan, the tea is strong and fragrant. This Chou Shi Dan Cong is a special new style of fragrant, very green and very flavorful strip oolong. After the leaves are picked by hand and before any wilting, the tea is then rolled briefly by hand and then placed in a special dehydrator to stop the wilting process. You will appreciate the vibrancy of the large, twisted and incredibly aromatic bright green leaf. Once steeped the heady gardenia perfumed aroma gives way to a rich floral taste that is bright, undoubtedly green, grassy with slight mineral notes and notes of gardenia flowers.

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