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Our Tree to Tea Mission:

Our Tree to Tea Mission: Here at Teas New Jersey we are dedicated to sourcing  and sharing handcrafted teas manipulated by Tea Masters for diverse flavors and superb quality.  This means that our teas are pure and untainted by artificial flavors, aromas, and sweeteners.  Our strict guidelines provide you with the true and wonderful tastes that…

Titanic Tea Party

A TITANIC TEA PARTYYYY!!! Complete with the Chinese Keemun black tea mentioned in the Titanic movie 🎥 This tea can be found @teasnewjersey teasnewjersey.com #titanic #tea #looseleaftea #blacktea #chinesetea #chineseblacktea #caffeine

Gyokuro Green Tea Spotlight

Gyokuro is one of our favorite teas! Gyokuro has a rich umami flavor and buttery mouthfeel with lasting clean grassy aftertaste that induces mouthwatering salivation. Here I give you the basics on Gyokuro production and the beneficial qualities this tea has to offer, while spilling tips on brewing and notes on its aroma and flavor….

Japanese Green Tea Types: An in Depth Look

In this in depth lesson on Japanese Green Tea I cover the processing, flavors, liquor colors, and production of the different Japanese green tea types, Sencha, Kabusecha, Gyokuro, Tencha, Matcha, Bancha, and Kukicha with examples from Teas New Jersey. Visit our site: teasnewjersey.com Check out my video on the Differences between Chinese and Japanese Green…

Green Tea Basics: What is it?

Welcome back! Here I talk about green tea. I answer what it is, where it is produced, how it is produced, how it looks, how it tastes, and show examples of different popular green teas. Check out my full video on the basics of the 6 tea types: https://bit.ly/2NvDf3W My in depth look at Japanese…

Tie Guan Yin Oolong!

Today we presented the famous Chinese Oolong, Tie Guan Yin, a bright and floral tea with a pleasantly sour flavor and puckering mouth feel that makes your mouth water! You’ll notice the magnolia fragrance linger in your mouth and nose hours after sipping! Check out our Slide presentation to learn more! Tie Guan Yin tea

Watermelon Green Tea!

Add this one to your recipe books! Explore the pairing of watermelon and Chinese style green tea in our video explanation! Be sure to Like, Comment, and Subscribe for YouTube video updates, and follow us on WordPress!

How to Brew Silver Needle White Tea and Cold Brew!!

Welcome to Teas New Jersey! In this video we are brewing our Silver Needle White tea using our cup brewer and other tea tools with Jante from the Just Jante channel! LIKE & SUBSCRIBE 😀 Origin: China, Fujian Province This tea is known as one of China’s top ten superior teas, which is also one…

Our Imperial White Peony!

Origin: China, Fuding Province. Flavor: Delicate Sweetness, Bright Starfruit, Cream, Slight, Pleasant Astringency This tea is a luxury grade harvest is from the first flush of last year’s Spring from Fuding Province China, a region in famous for growing Pai Mu Tan, Silver Needle White, and Bai Lin Hong Cha.   White Peony is a classic…