Teas New Jersey is an online loose leaf tea shop and tea ware start up designed to offer tea lovers the teas to fit their needs and the information required to make insightful tea buying decisions.  Our philosophy at Teas New Jersey pushes us to offer only the tea we love and of which we have knowledge to share with you.  Here, we believe that tea is more than just a cup of delicious, warming liquor.  Tea is an experience, and that experience not only changes with each steep but relies on how knowledgeable you are about what is in your cup.  This is why Teas New Jersey sources its tea only where transparent information is provided for each tea we select.

We are dedicated to informing you on all things tea.  In browsing our site you will find a plethora of information on the history of tea, the various styles of tea preparation, information on the processing behind creating each of the main tea types: Black, Oolong, Green, White, Yellow, Pu-erh (also on types of herbal teas and non-Camellia Sinensis teas often referred to as tisanes).  We also offer articles on tea ware, wares crafting techniques and processes, and references to literary works to enhance your understanding of tea culture.

No cup of tea is the same as another, and we are dedicated to helping you enjoy each cup in the highest way.  We offer an appreciation for the leaf and hope you enjoy our passion for all things tea.

Bear with us in our first few months while we focus on sourcing the best quality teas and developing the information on everything tea on our site – Thanks!


Have and Questions?  Contact us Here!

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