Herbal Nettle: Why you NEED it for Allergy Season and More

Herbal Nettle
Stinging Nettle has been used by humanity for its abundance in nutrients and plethora of benefits that it offers to our bodies when consumed.  Our favorite way of getting our daily dose of Nettle is, of course, by steeping ourselves some Herbal Nettle tea.  Our Herbal Nettle is 100% Nettle leaf, to ensure the most impactful benefits and most purely Nettle flavor.

What’s It Good For?
Nettle is abundant in calcium, easily absorptive iron & magnesium, and is often used to alleviate seasonal allergy symptoms.  As with most herbs, it is important to adopt the practice of drinking at least one cup a day of the herb you are looking to for its benefits.  However, multiple cups a day is also beneficial.  Given that Nettle is a diuretic, it is best practice to be sure that you are consuming water for hydration.  Nettle has a slightly salty flavor and is easy to drink for most people.  If your diet does not consist of many nutritive greens, then Nettle tea would be an excellent way to boost the nutrients you are lacking.  This herb has been used to help with low metabolism and also for reducing pain and arthritis.  Our Herbal Nettle

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