Our Imperial White Peony!

Imperial White Peony

Origin: China, Fuding Province.

Flavor: Delicate Sweetness, Bright Starfruit, Cream, Slight, Pleasant Astringency

This tea is a luxury grade harvest is from the first flush of last year’s Spring from Fuding Province China, a region in famous for growing Pai Mu Tan, Silver Needle White, and Bai Lin Hong Cha.   White Peony is a classic Chinese tea because of its vibrant and fresh profile. The leaves of this tea were fermented and processed indoors, which produced a brilliant green color and fresh flavor. The bright and clean leaves are evidence of the delicate care and passion put into the crafting of this fine selection.  The light golden liquor is complex with full-bodied, fresh flavor and calming aroma.  The experience meets the tongue with the freshness of bright starfruit passes with the taste of sweet cream and flowers, followed by a slight refreshing astringency.  This tea can be brewed at 185F for a short period of time, around 20 seconds.  This method is bright, cleansing, and astringent.  You can also try brewing this tea around 170F for about two minutes for an infusion that enhances the sweet warming thickness of the liquor.  This tea is also great cold brewed!

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