Our Ceremonial and Everyday Matcha

Samurai Matcha

Matcha is a powdered Green tea which today is most commonly found and produced in Japan. Powdered Green tea was first brought to Japan from China in the twelfth-century by Zen monks who were studying Chan Buddhism in China. The tea plants used to produce Matcha are shaded for three weeks, 21 days, before they are harvested. The leaves are processed whole until their veins and stems are removed.  What is saved from this process are the dry leafy parts of the leaves and is called Tencha. The Tencha leaf flakes are stone ground by slow moving grinders in order to create the Green Tea powder we call Matcha. The mixture of Matcha and water has a deep earthy flavor with subtle light notes depending on the variety.  However, matcha is characteristically rich.  Matcha is different from steeped tea in that it is whisked to serve and entirely consumed. This results in stronger levels of caffeine and richer nutritional intake.  Matcha powder is served by whisking the powder with water in a bowl until the liquid is well mixed and filmed with a thick froth of small bubbles.

Our Samurai Ceremonial Matcha!

Origin: Japan, Obuku Valley, Kyoto Prefecture

Flavor: Sweet, Grassy

This premium Samurai Ceremonial Grade Matcha tea is hand picked in the Obuku Valley in Kyoto Prefecture.  The hand picking and stone grinding of matcha is indicative of a ceremonial grade matcha.  The care with which this tea is processed provides the finished tea with a smooth and mellow aroma and flavor palette, Samurai Matcha is produced from pure Gyokuro leaves and has a light emerald color and fine texture. Samurai Matcha is rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene and vitamins.  Samurai Matcha was originally produced for Japan’s Samurai warriors during the thirteenth century, after they learnt the ancient art of the tea ceremony from Buddhist monks who valued the tea for its meditative and restorative qualities.

Everyday Matcha

Our Everyday Matcha!

Origin: Japan, Izu


Flavor: Sweet, Grassy

Izu Matcha green tea is made from traditional Gyokuro leaves which are shaded before harvest to increase the chlorophyll content in the leaves, which give the tea great umami richness. This matcha has a sweet aroma balanced by a lightly astringent base note, which provides a complex tasting experience and distinctive flavor. Izu Matcha has a satisfying grassy taste which is mild and complex in its depths. This tea is great prepared with water, or blended with rice milk or coconut milk for an entirely new taste experience. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find the perfect taste for you.

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