Our “English Breakfast” Tea

Keemun Mao Feng Premium

Flavor: Toasted, Fruity, Floral, Smoky Finish

English Breakfast tea is one of the most famous teas worldwide due to British Imperialism in China and South-East Asia.  Some might believe English Breakfast to be a singular variety of tea, however what we know as “English Breakfast” is actually a blend of different varieties of Black tea. Blending teas is a practice used for even the most prized and revered teas.  Tea masters often blend leaves of the same variety for the best tasting tea.  This is true even for Matcha powdered tea from Japan.  In regard to the English Breakfast blend, Keemun Mao Feng is one of the most used varieties.  This premium tea is delicious in itself, and we wanted to offer you a chance to taste this much beloved tea apart from in its blended state!

Our Keemun Mao Feng Premium is a top quality leaf tea from Qimun County, Anhui Province in China. This tea is composed of tightly rolled whole leaves with high oxidation and produce a distinctively deep flavor. This Keemun Mao Feng has a rich amber liquor with a brisk, full bodied, rich toasty flavor and a fruity floral aroma of spring orchards. This tea is also special for its long lasting sweetness, and rich and delicious aftertaste!

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