Our Japanese Greens!

Fukamushi Sencha
Premium Sencha Tenkaichi

We’re excited to offer five of our favorite Japanese green teas. This selection includes two premium Senchas, one being in the Fukamushi long-steamed style, which is more broken than shorter steamed Senchas and has a deeper green, thick liquor with flavors of cooked spinach and Gyokuro like umami. Our other Sencha, Sencha Tenkaichi, is very different a with a warm buttery thickness and flavor that coats the mouth with a long lasting sweet aftertaste. Our Kabusecha is a shaded Japanese green tea. This tea is shaded for around 12 days, which is nearly half the time that Gyokuro is shaded for. Our Kabusecha is a nice balance of umami and grassy notes with a nice drying sensation that encourages a clean salivation with

Gyokuro Gokou

vegetal notes. We are also proud to offer two very incredible Gyokuro teas. Gyokuro is known for its umami richness, which both of our teas accomplish. However, if you’re looking for the best umami punch, nothing beats our Gyokuro Gokou, which is shaded for a total of fifty days before harvest, while Gyokuro is typically shaded for only thirty days before harvest. Our other Gyokuro is our Uji Gyokuro.  Try them both and let us know what you think!

Homare Kabusecha


Uji Gyokuro


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